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Keyhole 11 Available for Pre-Order

Keyhole 11 ships next month and includes my story “Social Utility”; in part a fable about a certain blue-toned online outfit* but mostly the story of a couple:

Gerrit was fortunate in his desk. From it he could see the ocean-going ships enter and exit Rotterdam harbor, seeming about to ram the Erasmus Bridge until it lifted and they slid through. Often, eating lunch, he watched the next hour’s weather slant in from the North Sea and the tall cloud shadows cross the red and orange freight containers while his floor-to-ceiling windows shook.

Meike, his girlfriend, would call or text by one. She was an advertising account executive a few kilometers away in a district of converted warehouses. During the workday, a few minutes were all she could spare, and her voice skidded to a stop.

I’m as fond of their relationship as of anything I’ve written; many thanks to Peter, Gabe, Brian, and Christy for giving them a good home.

*see what I did there

  1. berezina said: I just have a hard time believing that you’re writing about what you truly care about most. What do you daydream about? What do you go over and over in your head?
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